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April 12th, 2013, 1:09 am

Would you like VF to go to three pages a week?

Some people have expressed interest in buying merchandise like bound volumes of Victory Fire. We can't do that, unfortunately, we don't own the copyright for Pokémon, so that's illegal :) However, if you would like to support Victory Fire in a different way, we have now added a Paypal tip jar.

Why a tip jar? Here's the situation:

VF's artist is disabled, and the changing political climate in the UK
has resulted in wide-ranging cuts to essential services and the
scrapping of the Disability Living Allowance. It's no stretch to say
that pretty much every disabled person in the UK is or will soon be
feeling the effects of this. Any money you choose to throw at the tip
jar will go towards our artist's day-to-day living expenses. This is
not a drive to buy us iPads or fancy hardware! Right now, Maggs cannot
afford to buy new shoes, let alone replace the broken keys on the
elderly laptop used to create the comic.

And here's what you guys get for helping out!

We're not asking you to give us something for nothing. If we get more
than $30 in a week, we will post an extra page that week: instead of
updating Tuesday/Friday, VF will update Mon/Wed/Fri.

You've told us you like the comic; some of you have contacted us
directly to say so. We're grateful for everything you've done to help
make VF a success this far.

Whatever happens, VF will at least continue to update on the usual
Tuesday-Friday schedule.

Thank you for your love and support and please continue to enjoy reading Victory Fire.

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