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669: Infinite Sky

May 25th, 2018, 2:01 am

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No mega evo

posted by Yep (Guest) on May 25th, 2018, 2:02 am


Looks like Jen is on a time gear...

posted by Fasa (Guest) on May 25th, 2018, 2:03 am



And what's mewtwo and fanfare?

posted by Guest on May 25th, 2018, 2:18 am

  The Wish of a Pure Hearted Child

Found one.

posted by Draken09 (Guest) on May 25th, 2018, 2:23 am


1. that looks like a time gear.
2. That is beautiful.

posted by NikuComics on May 25th, 2018, 2:34 am


Well what do you know, I think she is going to meet someone important, and I mean really important, Arcues? But then I think the gear and the flower is going to be the new relic.

posted by MercenaryX on May 25th, 2018, 2:37 am


Holy cheese balls, that is soooo beautiful.
Also, the globe is still there, so that's something.
I wonder what antics are Hoopa up to now? Is the trick already done, or is this just the beginning?

posted by ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril on May 25th, 2018, 2:45 am


Looks like time gear, the flower looks unique and big, something's gonna happen I guess.

posted by AndreTheLugia on May 25th, 2018, 3:18 am


Thus just went full StarTrek real fast lol.

posted by Guest on May 25th, 2018, 3:23 am


Aaaand the (what i think was) the creation engine, turned into a flower.

posted by Firepanda on May 25th, 2018, 3:43 am


I want to move to where Jen is now.

posted by orgostevani on May 25th, 2018, 4:10 am


This appears to be an improvement.

posted by Shotgun Chuck on May 25th, 2018, 4:25 am


rip the Mega Evolution dream
I guess having a proper sky and no void of all-consuming death below you is a change for the better

posted by get in the bag nebby (Guest) on May 25th, 2018, 5:36 am


Question now is; if she falls in the sky below, does she fall forever or does she appear in the sky above?

posted by Dragongirl101 on May 25th, 2018, 7:15 am


The question now is…where is everyone?

posted by Meshoy on May 25th, 2018, 8:08 am


...Well I don't think anyone was expecting that.

posted by PJSam on May 25th, 2018, 8:20 am


Well that doesn't look right. Hoopa, you rascal!

posted by That One Guy (Guest) on May 25th, 2018, 8:28 am


My question is now that the void is gone does everyone (wherever they are)have their move-sets and powers back? because it looks like Jen really needs some healing specifically on that arm of her's.

posted by Guest on May 25th, 2018, 9:07 am


What the what?! What is that?!

posted by Truefan108 on May 25th, 2018, 11:41 am


Looks like the rocks from Chargestone cave

posted by Snow (Guest) on May 25th, 2018, 12:31 pm


I've been told that apparently you make these comics in MS paint and honestly it's pretty inspiring that you're able to make such beautiful art in such a simple program. Keep up the good work! I love the comic.

posted by Leo (Guest) on May 25th, 2018, 1:17 pm


Wow, this is gorgeous. My jaw dropped a moment...

posted by Captain Ghost on May 25th, 2018, 2:34 pm


Well, that looks a lot better. Now, what happened to everyone else?

posted by spudwalt (Guest) on May 25th, 2018, 2:39 pm


Ooooh, pretty~

posted by Nashew on May 25th, 2018, 3:10 pm


This oddly looks like a friend area from Red/Blue Rescue Team to me.
Also, that flower is freaking gorgeous! What's it going to summon? Arceus?

posted by Spoook (Guest) on May 25th, 2018, 4:25 pm


@Draken09 I wonder if that means Victini could still further her plan?

posted by Guest on May 25th, 2018, 4:27 pm

Things Are Finally Looking Up!

Jen made the world better! The flower, and background are beautiful, but where is Jen exactly? This doesn't answer if this was part of Hoopa's Plans or not. The Pot is still $416,000 in the pot!(Plus Prizes) If anyone is interested.

posted by SmartTurtle04 on May 25th, 2018, 5:01 pm


Damn, that is really pretty to look at

posted by 8542Madness on May 25th, 2018, 5:03 pm


Rip mega evolution

posted by Julian (Guest) on May 25th, 2018, 5:22 pm


Woah... So pretty!

posted by Pyrouge on May 25th, 2018, 6:24 pm


Hey look!

It's a magical artichoke, Charlie!

posted by Noobaraptor on May 25th, 2018, 6:28 pm


3. Wasn’t there ruins here before?
And 4. Why is there clouds below the surface of the planet?

posted by Shadow_Strikr on May 25th, 2018, 10:26 pm


Well, that looks...closer to fixed, anyway.

Also, it's really pretty :3

posted by ReaderWriterNerd&Geek on May 26th, 2018, 12:47 am

The World Is Fixed!

Is this a good thing?

1) The world is fixed

2) Jen has no idea where she is

3) The Creation Engine just became a giant flower.

4) Jen is safe on the floting gear-shaped island.

5) We Don't know where she or anyone else is.


Jen accepting Hoopa's help may have been a good idea.

@MercenaryX, What do you think of the background scenery, and do you think that Jen has gotten herself into more trouble?

posted by SmartTurtle04 on May 26th, 2018, 1:04 am


it turned into a beautiful flower solving the past world destroying problem...
wait what? :v

posted by darth deebious the wise on May 26th, 2018, 11:29 am

Holy... Nature...

This is Neat xD the Time Gear has been restored. Everything is fixed, YEAH!...

.... hope no plot twist from Hoopa there...

posted by MidnightUser on May 26th, 2018, 12:59 pm

Where Is Everyone?

The World is fixed, and the floating islands are beautiful, but are the others on vacation now? Did Team Charm, Mew Two, Gangar, and Hoopa just vanish? Does anyone remember Lovrina, Wes, and N, back in Pokemon Square?

posted by SmartTurtle04 on May 26th, 2018, 3:30 pm

  Welcome to skylands

Now, being serious that flower look like it is on a time gear or something. Also the thing of floating island remind me a lot of Skylands.

posted by Ditidos (Guest) on May 26th, 2018, 3:50 pm


I dont think i can take watching Jen fade.

posted by TheLonelyMew on May 27th, 2018, 5:30 am


Actually, what of this is the past instead of the present?

posted by Guest on May 27th, 2018, 8:21 am



posted by Siks on May 27th, 2018, 8:23 am


@Guest, The First page is: Page 000: This is a story from long ago. This has already been established?

posted by SmartTurtle04 on May 27th, 2018, 7:39 pm


WAIT wut about Victini

posted by Guardian of the universe on May 27th, 2018, 9:10 pm


So beautiful

posted by Guest on May 27th, 2018, 10:14 pm

  oh hey

Earth shaped like a gear...
And a magical flower that came out of nowhere and somehow appearing to this nightmare place by just saying wo-*cough cough* Stuff and anddDdddDDDd this place looks like a Floating island in the middle is a gear shaped earth kind of garden to me srly

This should be a game

Like a pokemon version of skylanders, Dragon City, Monster (something created by social point), etc

posted by Guest on May 28th, 2018, 9:56 am


as any md she becomes a light orb and leaves and the other ones are stuck there to peril
well ain't that a nice ending folks ;)

posted by darth deebious the wise on May 28th, 2018, 6:32 pm

  Amazing Comic

Wow I really just wanna finish this comic its too beautiful to wait through

posted by Goso (Guest) on May 28th, 2018, 6:41 pm



I think she just got herself into another leg of the adventure, I really can't wait to see where this goes. Then again I'm also hoping that whatever hope let did spilled over into the human world a little. More humans turned into pokemon suddenly. It'll get more interesting that way if you ask me.

posted by MercenaryX on May 29th, 2018, 10:35 am

Trainers Become Pokemon In The Human World....

@MercenaryX, Can you imagine if the trainers are in the middle of a battle, calling out an attack, and they randomly become pokemon? Then everyone gets confused, and the Pokemon get to embarrass their trainers?

posted by SmartTurtle04 on May 29th, 2018, 11:23 am

  King AZ!?

wait is that..........THE ULTIMATE WEAPON!?

posted by Flamaria on August 18th, 2018, 7:26 am


*Trying to find a secret in the clouds*

posted by Guest on January 30th, 2019, 12:58 am