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480: The Trainer

August 12th, 2016, 2:03 am

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"Hope those ain't your best shoes."
"...They're my only shoes."
"Oi, that sucks, mate."

Anyway, Wes is back, yay! So, two questions:

1) How long have you had Wes's part in the comic planned? Because I remember you saying that he was only supposed to have a cameo at first, but then he stole the show and you had to bring him back. So was this new development not in the original? Or was somebody else filling Wes's role?

2) Do you have any dogs? Because Umbreon's expression there is basically the same look my dog gives me when That's Not What She Wanted Why Don't *I* Understand *Her*? XD

posted by ReaderWriterNerd&Geek (Guest) on August 12th, 2016, 2:14 am


Heh, we'll the game did describe them as being a bit ditsy.

As for that book cover page, I'm guessing that's temporal tower. Lol, I'm beginning to wonder if you're getting inspired by all of these hairbrained comments. (like the comparison I made with temporal tower and the hyperbolic time chamber.) Either that, or its just a huge coincidence.

posted by Dark Matter on August 12th, 2016, 2:29 am



You're way overestimating the amount of pre-planning that goes on--or at least how organized it is :D Had a brief discussion of this on DA during the Mewtwo-V fight and I've managed to find the comment I made.

"...As a curious bit of trivia, the Buried Relic events were the earliest things planned in the comic! It's true that Hoopa didn't exist back then but neither was Mewtwo intended to be such a major player. (And no, contrary to accusations he didn't turn into a breakout star because I'm a fanboy, he turned into a breakout star because mega-evolution became a thing and we needed a vehicle to deliver that.) It interests me to look back and see how even though the actors and mechanisms involved changed over time, the basic elements have stayed the same. The player party storms the Relic, busts the Creation Engine, Gengar goes back alone to find Darkrai, a battle occurs that ends on an uncertain note... it's all there in the very first discussions Night and I had when we seriously began to push around the idea of a PMD comic.

If you'll excuse me comparing myself to a far superior author, it's a bit like Tolkien's early notes vs the books that got published lol. Aragorn/Strider used to be called Trotter, in one early draft orcs would've used honest-to-god tanks against Gondolin, there was an elf character called "Tinfang Warble" oh my lord yeah you can see how that one didn't make the cut. But the events are still there, time and editing just changed how they actually happen."


No, no pets :( I've desperately wanted a tarantula for years, if that counts.

posted by sulfurbunny on August 12th, 2016, 2:58 am



You should get a pet lizard, or a giant snake so you can name it Cobra Commander Jr! XD.

posted by Cheesy-Squeezy (Guest) on August 12th, 2016, 3:12 am


This page makes me happy.

posted by Malc Modnar on August 12th, 2016, 3:13 am



posted by Dusty Maku on August 12th, 2016, 7:14 am



posted by Nymm (Guest) on August 12th, 2016, 8:50 am


@Dusty Maku:
Pokemon Coliseum for the Gamecube.

posted by Koal on August 12th, 2016, 12:49 pm


I really wonder how gengar is.

posted by NaoFaria on August 12th, 2016, 7:28 pm


This Umbreon has his priorities straight.

posted by Nashew on August 12th, 2016, 9:12 pm

Tunnels of Hype!

Lawl, hoping those arent his best shoes... I'm guessing that's code for - we are about to walk through a river of poo, brace yourself mate - and gosh dang it, I know you didn't put the S. S Anne back there in the shipyard for no reason. *Hugs self while rolling up into a trembling ball on the floor* ALSO I'M CALLING IT, IT'S TOTALLY GOING TO HAPPEN FOLKS. THE DREAM TEAM IS ABOUT TO BE FORMED RIGHT HERE IN THESE DISGUSTING SEWERS!!! YEP, THERE BE FEELS AFOOT HERE, I CAN FEEL THEM! or maybe that's just poo I'm feeling... Eww...

posted by XD-MADNESS on August 13th, 2016, 10:41 pm


@sulfurbunny: took me forever to reply...sorry for not getting back to you sooner! Anyway.

Thanks for replying! And yeah, I figured a lot of things had changed. Pretty sure you could pick out any author (any *good* author, anyway) and ask them how their story had changed from the original version, and their answer would be, "Dude, it's changed a lot from the *fifth* version." LOL But it's so cool to see the little seed that grew would into what it is today, and to know that the basic core has not changed.

A tarantula? Huh! I never would have guessed :) I hope you get one someday!

P.S. Aragorn was called "Trotter"? Seriously? That's worse than "Tinfang Warble"! "Trotter"?


posted by ReaderWriterNerd&Geek (Guest) on September 5th, 2016, 10:44 am