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382: Careful What You Wish For

September 18th, 2015, 1:54 am

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Hoopa's Face

That is not the face of someone who is going to be helpful. That is the face of someone who is about to seriously ruin your day.

Also, how much is Victini paying Weavile that she's willing to trade off what I can only assume is a rare and powerful artifact for this job?

posted by Malc Modnar on September 18th, 2015, 2:46 am


He should have said "Get me to the bottom of this mountain", notice that he didn't specify where he was going to get dropped off...

posted by vryheid on September 18th, 2015, 5:49 am


@vryheid or in one group he can send gangar somewhere and the others to the corners of the planet

posted by caboose (Guest) on September 18th, 2015, 10:40 am


"Get us down off this mountain."

"Hee hee... just 'down'?"


XD I love the wish granters that troll their "customers".

posted by ?? (Guest) on September 18th, 2015, 12:10 pm

  They'll be fine

Probably anyways.
If I was a mystic wish granting being who was being promised freedom after this last simple wish, I would grant it correctly.
If the one asking had a history of being cruel to me or denying my freedom after they promised it (or if I had a naturally mischievous nature) that might change.

posted by InfinitySquirrel (Guest) on September 18th, 2015, 7:38 pm


Ur comic never seized to amaze me with the Pkm md mash ups great job sulfur bunny!

posted by Paintsy (Guest) on September 18th, 2015, 9:17 pm


I'm sure it's totally safe.

posted by Luigi_96 on September 19th, 2015, 7:12 pm


Oh no, it's XDOO4!

posted by Bisharp747 on September 19th, 2015, 8:18 pm

Wait, I think I see an error...

It says "your will be done, master." Is this an error, or is my mind playing tricks on me?

posted by Wolfmist on September 21st, 2015, 2:36 pm


It's the same as in the Lord's Prayer, if you're familiar with that: "Thy will be done"--just with the modern pronoun form. Your will--your desire/intent--shall be fulfilled. It's an unusual verb form, fairly rare in English, called the subjunctive. Another example is "God save the Queen".

posted by sulfurbunny on September 22nd, 2015, 2:01 am

I loving your comic

I love your comic I can't wait for more keep up the good work

posted by ssj3sonic12 on September 25th, 2015, 10:12 am

Hate to be the "meanie critic" but...

n my twisted mind, that Hoopa's horns are WAY too small..

posted by WiispNightmare on January 14th, 2016, 7:33 am


now you're thinking with portals

posted by TFera (Guest) on February 1st, 2016, 1:06 am