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346: Plans

May 26th, 2015, 2:15 am

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Did Gengar just blow up the forest? XD

posted by JTSkibbles (Guest) on May 26th, 2015, 3:12 am


That would be my guess.

posted by PJSam on May 26th, 2015, 8:45 am


Mewtwo, what are you DOING to Gengar!?

posted by Meemie7 on May 26th, 2015, 9:15 am


Haha! Did someone just learn thunder?!

posted by ?? (Guest) on May 26th, 2015, 11:27 am


Fun fact, Mew is actually designed to look like a fetus.
Mewtwo is thus designed to look like a mutated fetus ;)

posted by ClareSilver47 on May 26th, 2015, 1:13 pm


First part is true, second part... not so much...

posted by Not Anonymous on May 26th, 2015, 2:31 pm


Sounds like a loud sneeze.

posted by Axies on May 26th, 2015, 4:29 pm


Mewtwo's design is based around fetus created through science... kinda
That's why he has tubes and stuff but he's still got the basic shape of Mew :/

posted by ClareSilver47 on May 26th, 2015, 5:07 pm


That's probably a good thing.

posted by Luigi_96 on May 26th, 2015, 6:48 pm


I hope everything will turn out okay for old One Eye.

posted by Seiryuu no Kibachiyo on May 26th, 2015, 8:43 pm


"What're you kids doing in there?"
"N-nothing mom!"
"Uh-huh...I'm coming in!"
"Noooo, Mom don't come in yet!"

Definitely a lot more than 'clonk'. Murkrow seems so nice of a sudden...Friday, COME FASTER.

posted by Goosygander (Guest) on May 26th, 2015, 8:47 pm


Why do I have the feeling that Mewtwo training and helping is...wait is he training him to be a Ninja!?

No joke, when Mewtwo said tricky deceit and deception, it made me think of ninjas, and that boom that happened just now, why do I have a feeling this is going to be a Naruto level ninja stuff going on?

posted by MercenaryX on May 28th, 2015, 3:11 am


Either Mewtwo just taught Gengar how to use his full potential or a new move, that or there being attacked.

posted by Jennifer (Guest) on May 28th, 2015, 10:01 pm