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278: Deja Vu

October 3rd, 2014, 2:08 am

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Two things

1. It's about time Darkrai considered asking Gengar for help. I have a feeling that he's the only person he can talk to without Victini knowing.

2. This is just a theory, but did Blake Hall become this Darkrai as a project for XD002? Is that what Victini meant earlier by "He's starting to revert?" Just a THEORY.

posted by Seiryuu no Kibachiyo on October 3rd, 2014, 4:36 am


Yes it is darkrai, yes it is

posted by ScottishWolf on October 3rd, 2014, 4:59 am


crying darkrai is so precious he must be protected at all cost

posted by crossstitch on October 3rd, 2014, 6:16 am


Aww... I really feel sorry for Darkrai here..

posted by Lady Darkrina on October 3rd, 2014, 8:53 am


aww, I doubt it'd happen, but I hope Gengar gives Darkrai a chance... I feel so bad for him!

posted by Not Anonymous (Guest) on October 3rd, 2014, 11:57 am



posted by Luigi_96 on October 3rd, 2014, 1:11 pm


Did... did Darkrai just steal Jen's puppy-dog eyes? (Er, audino-'mon...eyes... I'm overthinking this.)

posted by Malc Modnar on October 3rd, 2014, 5:29 pm


@Seiryoo no Kibachiyo
Forgive me for sounding completely ignorant, but who is this "Blake Hall" of whom you speak?
In other news, CALLED IT!!! Seriously, I had this amazingly awesome hunch that Darkrai would turn up somehow and that he would be trying to figure out a way to be free from quote an earlier post, "betrayvictinibetrayvictini, etc."... I love Darkrai so much now. I never did before.

posted by Goosygander (Guest) on October 4th, 2014, 12:54 am


Aww. I could hear the character voice in my head. This is why I love Victory Fire.

posted by Guest on October 4th, 2014, 3:11 am


@goosygander Blake Hall is the one of the villans in pokemon ranger shadows of Almia and president of altru inc.

posted by Guest on October 4th, 2014, 4:34 am

Spoilers for Pokemon Ranger

Blake Hall was the president of Altru Incorporated and leader of the villainous Team Dim Sun. They terrorized the Almia region in the game Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

In the game, he was given a strange crystal as a birthday present. It was later found that the crystal had been corrupted (presumably by Darkrai) and gradually turned Blake evil. At the end of the game, the crystal is purified (after a fight with Darkrai), Blake Hall leaves for other lands (Victory Fire claims he was arrested, which makes sense), having been restored and regretting his actions, and Darkrai is driven off.

According to Victory Fire, Darkrai became a shadow pokemon due to the events of Pokemon Colosseum: Gale of Darkness. After his defeat at Altru Tower, he fled to Almia's northern reaches, which are protected as a pokemon reserve and are completely uninhabited by humans. There, he perpetrated the events of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky, and was eventually defeated. This apparently cured him of his corruption (though not completely, if the flashy purple eyes are any indication), and he was somehow captured by Victini, who is also a shadow pokemon.

And Seiryuu no Kibachiyo, I doubt that Blake somehow became Darkrai. Mewtwo specifically mentioned having spoken with him in one of the earlier pages.

posted by Malc Modnar on October 4th, 2014, 7:41 pm


@Malc Modnar
Ten points to Gryffindor. Perfect summary.

posted by sulfurbunny on October 5th, 2014, 6:52 am


AND THE PLOT THICKENS! Gryffindor for the win xD

posted by soup (Guest) on October 5th, 2014, 7:38 pm


@Malc Modnar 0_0 Thats a much better theory than mine.

posted by Seiryuu no Kibachiyo on October 6th, 2014, 4:16 pm