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190: Explorer's Guild

December 6th, 2013, 2:26 am

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Author Comments:

sulfurbunny, December 6th, 2013, 2:26 am

- Thanks to:

"Spift" the Skitty - MuseGamer
"Terra" the Sandslash - BattleCop
"Century" the Absol - LupoArtistico
"Mike" the Chimchar - TeaandBGamer
"Altus" the Altaria - Silver-Drake
"Mike" the Jolteon - 121GWJolt

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Reader Comments:

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Awww I love Wigglytuff!

posted by Zrooper on December 6th, 2013, 2:43 am

loving this webcomic!

True, she is adorable! but you know Wigglytuff is gonna scream down his ear for bringing a Gengar to Treasure Town. xD

posted by Angelz_Blaze on December 6th, 2013, 4:49 am


Wait, I thought Wigglytuff was male...?

posted by Luigi_96 on December 6th, 2013, 8:38 am



wiglytuff is a guy, but is often mistaken for being a girl because he is, well, pink.

but in the games all of the characters refer to him as "he" or "him"

posted by andreya225 on December 6th, 2013, 9:12 am



I think almost everyone's a dude in PMD. The only one I can remember being referred to as she was Sunflora. Maybe some of the legends? Anyone remember whether the lake trio were male or female?

posted by sulfurbunny on December 6th, 2013, 9:21 am


I love Chatot. X3

posted by AlkseeyaKC on December 6th, 2013, 9:57 am


@sulfurbunny: There was a Chimeco that was female, and then that one group of female explorers which were a Medicham, a Lopunny, and a Gardievor(or was that a Mismagius...? . '^'

posted by TouhouShake on December 6th, 2013, 10:36 am


@sulferbunny: Mesprit, Cresselia, and Grovyle's Celebi are girls. most everyone else, like Darkrai, Azelf, Uxie, and Dialga and Palkia, are guys. The Kangaskhan at the storage is a female as well.

posted by Novanto on December 6th, 2013, 11:15 am


Yeah I think Sunflora was the only female there.

posted by Lady Darkrina on December 6th, 2013, 11:51 am


@Novanto I remember freaking out as an eight year old when Bidoof called Mespirit a he. When I replay the game I'll make sure to look for the text saying that.

posted by Kami-Kami-Katana (Guest) on December 6th, 2013, 11:03 pm

Geez what a sausage-fest

Lol I thought Wigglytuff was a girl because the form "gigglypuff" seems so much like a girl to begin with.. I mean honestly, no guy can sing like that and be called a man unless they're name is Justin Bieber!

posted by Angelz_Blaze on December 6th, 2013, 11:07 pm

  Friendly friend(s) indeed!

@Angelz Blaze: This^ yes. Just yes. (But get your mind and title out of the gutter!)

@ pretty much everyone [XD]: Yeah, I have a hard time thinking of any other females in the game as well. (Except my Eevee partner, but she doesn't count for this.)

Woohoo! (My) Mike got in! (Quite literally; it appears he's either been pacing around the guild or just got there... unless there's something down that passage he came from besides the entrance in which case that would be worng :p )
Aside from a small nitpick (he usually would wear the kerchief backwards (on puropse), but he messes it up at times), I'd say that Mike is where I'd place him in this scene. I would not be lying if I told you I have a silly grin on my face now. Thank you very much!

Well, guess the guild must have quite a few visitors today for them to have made it to the Guildmaster's floor (given that most non-guilders don't appear below the job floor in-game). For some odd reason I feel like Mike the Chimchar (Mike C.?) is singing merrily, and that Terra and Atlus are just there in awkward silence. (Or having a staring contest XD) And Spift just looks cute.
Too bad that Kecleon's crankiness just kills the mood the instant he walks in. XD

tl;dr: Many thanks for including Mike in here. The scene looks great!

On another note, @sulfurbunny: providing I give you credit, can I screen-cap just Mike and use that as an avatar?

posted by 121GWJolt (Guest) on December 6th, 2013, 11:45 pm


I still say the Guild Master is related to the Friend Area Wigglytuff...

posted by Novanto on December 7th, 2013, 1:17 am


Its really funny seeing a skitty and absol on the same team because im wrighting a PMD story takeing place during the X And Y time where absol is on a team with lucario and has a crush on a delcatty named Lynx

posted by caboose42977 (Guest) on December 7th, 2013, 1:18 pm


Omg, that is the CUTEST Skitty I have EVER SEEN!!!! SQUEEEE :'3

posted by Charlotte057 on December 8th, 2013, 11:57 am


omg, youve made them all sooo cute!the pokemon like absol need some improvement,but still i couldn't make half as good as any of them!your awsome at jolteon ,chimchar,sandslash,altarias and everything else.its all sooo cool but i really would like it if you put a luxray or shinx in the comic since their my fav pkm.your sooo cool and good! I LOVE THIS COMIC!

posted by Guest on December 16th, 2013, 10:58 pm



posted by Silaya Arctic Prower on May 5th, 2014, 1:55 pm


I'm so happy right now!!!

posted by qpst1235 on October 25th, 2015, 1:28 pm


In Super MD, Wigglytuff is literally referred to as a She by Chatot. I got so confused I accidentally said no Cx

posted by WiispNightmare on January 12th, 2016, 8:36 am


Not only do people mistake wigglytuff as a girl because of the pink, it's also what he says. I mean, can you imagine a guy going around saying "hey friendly friend". Also, wigglytuff gets extremely emotional (to the point of tears) which is not a trait you find in most guys.

posted by AzpbEagleHunter on October 30th, 2016, 1:59 am


I'm gonna cry again

posted by IndieGoHome (Guest) on June 29th, 2019, 8:12 pm