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122: Stalling

April 16th, 2013, 2:01 am

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Fag victini >.<

posted by ServantofCygnus on April 16th, 2013, 6:38 am


i always thaught victinis were cute, now they just seem rude.

posted by andreya225 on April 16th, 2013, 8:45 am


Is Darkrai actually GOOD?

posted by Dragongirl101 on April 16th, 2013, 4:41 pm


The fact that Vicini is my favorite Poke'mon has me extremely curious as to why this Victini is a prick.

posted by leo_dragon_knight on April 16th, 2013, 6:35 pm


Ok, so... I just got done reading through the archive, and I gotta say...

What an amazing comic you've got here! The art style is incredible, the story is great, the characters are amazing, and I like the way the "pixelization" from these being made in paint makes it look like it's a comic book!

I think this has dethroned every other Pokémon comic I read as my favorite! Great work! ^_^

posted by Luigi_96 on April 17th, 2013, 12:54 am


I am guessing this Victini was abused for it power to always bring victory for people and then abandon when it was not needed anymore.

posted by crazybob on April 17th, 2013, 10:20 am


I really like how this Victini's the bad guy, but at the same time I agree with what Crazybob says. It probably was abused for having the power to bring other people victory and then dumped when people didn't need it anymore.

posted by Lady Darkrina on April 17th, 2013, 4:27 pm


Poor Victini, what did they do to you...

posted by Guest on April 20th, 2014, 12:40 pm